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4 January 2021

Romanby Parish Council COVID-19 Street Warden Initiative

Hello Everyone,

In the midst of the unprecedented drama we find ourselves in, here is a simple, community-centred initiative for our Romanby residents to help look out for each other, which we as a Parish Council are hosting.

If you fit and well, and are willing and able to help, we are looking for any residents who could become "Street Wardens" to keep an eye on/look out for any of their friends/elderly/at-risk/self-isolating neighbours in the current crisis.

The link HERE will take you a form to give us your details of which street/houses/area in Romanby you could cover, and the other link is a downloadable leaflet you could drop through letter boxes of people in your street – they could then contact you if they needed help/a chat etc.

Just being available to chat on the phone to someone who is on their own, and now EVEN MORE on their own, would be low risk, but of great benefit to their well-being.

CAVEAT: Of course, you would undertake this wholly at your own risk - taking all sensible precautions and following all the medical advice and direction to protect yourself and others would be essential at all times. 

Of course, we are doing this in the spirit of looking out for each other in Romanby – we are NOT medical experts – we do NOT have the answers, and we definitely do NOT want anyone to put themselves at any unnecessary risk – but if a simple act of low-risk kindness can help someone you know, or who lives near you to get through their days and weeks, then it has GOT to be a good thing, and we will hopefully look back on this whole thing knowing we helped each other and pulled together as a Community.

You can message me direct as well at, as well as via the website and Facebook page, and also Mandy our clerk via the website or phone.

Feel free to contact me/ask any questions

Best wishes – and stay safe

Stuart Bradnam, Chairman, RPC

 Proud to be Romanby


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Next parish meeting:

9 March 2021, 7:00pm Online (using Zoom software)